bcldl compliance

…when the paperwork disappears!

A while ago, a family friend referred me to a new developer with issues with his project. This family friend knew that I had worked for both Auckland Council and Watercare, so I was well versed with the building act and engineering standards for Watercare.

The developer was working on his first project and had a builder he trusted to do the right thing. He engaged a licensed building practitioner to add another dwelling to the rear of a property with an existing house. The developer was happy with how things started as things were running smoothly and were within the agreed timelines.

They say that all good things must come to an end and, regrettably, the service from the builder suddenly stopped. He did not respond to repeated calls from the developer, and the project was delayed. The builder took the paperwork, so the developer had no clue what was required to complete the project and what was needed to apply for and receive the CCC – which was critical to selling property.

Thankfully he got in touch with me, so after calming him down, I got him to send what paperwork he did have, and after an intensive assessment, we planned. The developer was put on the right path and continued with the project with me providing support. When he had completed the project partially, he contacted me, and I took over. I arranged a site meeting with the Auckland Council building inspector to conduct an inspection and advise me. All looked good and, he was happy for me to book a final check on behalf of the developer. The building inspection was duly completed and passed a final inspection. I then applied for a code compliance certificate while also helping my client arrange the subdivision sign-off.

The developer was pleased that the council signed off everything, the code compliance certificate was issued, and he could on-sell the house within the time frames.

Working with builders to get a property built is a logical thing to do. Leaving the consents and paperwork side of things to the builder may well not be. Experts in their fields will save time and money, so make sure that you have the right people doing the right jobs for you.