Unconsented Garage Conversion

The property owner had a minor house unit (two bedrooms) and had converted existing garage space into habitable space (two bedrooms & living area) without obtaining a building consent or an exemption under the building act 2004.
The conversion of non-habitable space to habitable space usually would require a building consent.
He was worried about the insurance cover, and he approached me to help him obtain the Certificate of acceptance for the alterations.
Exemptions under the building act are granted before the work has been carried out, so that was an option that was ruled it.
I organised a pre-application meeting with the council, and the meeting minutes were handed over to us.
I engaged an architect to draw up the plans and project managed this job from inception to completion.
I ensured that the smoke alarms were spaced as required by the building code.
I got an electrical certificate from a registered electrician for the work that had been carried out.
Once the work was complete as per the meeting minutes, I booked a final inspection with the council.
The council inspector came over and had a good look at the work and checked the documentation we provided to him.
He was pretty happy and said that the architectural drawings were excellent.
With regards to the Certificate of acceptance recommendation report, it needed to be tweaked a bit.
I immediately accepted his proposal and told him that I was eager to meet him at the council and take it from there.
The inspection took place on Friday.
By Wednesday,  I received an email from the council that the Certificate of acceptance (CoA) had been granted.
The owner was delighted as now he had four bedrooms and two living areas which would fetch him good money in the market.