Our focus is on getting your buildings compliant in whatever form that may take. We are able to advise you on all things compliance related as well as assist with Safe and Sanitary reports, building condition assessments and due diligence on the purchase and sale of property. When it comes to knowing what is, or isn’t right, with a property and how to make it compliant we can help. It’s what we do.

Code of Compliance Certificate

A code compliance certificate is a formal statement issued under section 95 of the Building Act 2004, that building work carried out under a building consent complies with that building consent. A building without a required code compliance certificate may have an effect on property value and your ability to sell the property. Building Compliance and Land Development can work with you to work through the CCC process for new builds and for any historical building projects that did not seek CCC at the time.

Certificate of Acceptance

A certificate of acceptance (CoA) refers to certificates that are issued by a local authority for non-consented building-related work.

A certificate of acceptance has some similarities to a code compliance certificate in that it will provide some verification for a building owner or future owners that part or all of certain building work complies with the Building Code.

A council should process a certificate of acceptance within 20 working days and can either grant or decline your application.

Building Compliance and Land Development can work with you to work through the CoA process for works that have been carried out without the building consent.

Notices to Fix Under The Building Act 2004

A notice to fix is a legal notice that may be issued due to failures to comply with a part, or parts, of the building code. Some buildings here in New Zealand have been built or altered without applying for, or obtaining, a building consent. Council may review a building and request a number of amendments to the building. If you have received a NTF Building Compliance and Land Development can assist with reviewing the document and recommendations on the best course of action.

Certificate of Public Use

If your building is accessible to the public in any way and you wish for them to access it prior to your building work being approved as complete then you need to apply for a Certificate for Public Use.

In order to apply for a CPU you must have already been granted a building consent but not yet received a CCC. Public use areas are areas that are easily accessible to the public, whether they pay to enter or not. Places like shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, schools, hospitals, churches, clubrooms etc.

Please note that if you have a building that is predominately not open to the public (eg. entry by key pad or swipe card) but there is a reception area that is open to the public then you will need a CPU. Private homes and apartments do not require a CPU. Building Compliance and Land Development can assess your requirements and handle the documentation aspect of this.

Third Party (Safe and Sanitary) Reports

A third party (safe and sanitary) report is a report on the condition of a building or building work on a property that was carried out prior to 1 July 1992. It is produced as an independent report by a third party and not through the council. Having a third party (safe and sanitary) report on your council file may be beneficial for selling or buying if you do not have a CCC or CoA on file. Banks have been known to get assurance that a building is safe and suitable for its use if the report is on file. Building Compliance and Land Development are able to assist with completing the report and filing with council.

Due Diligence on Purchase and Sale of Property

Due diligence is all about protecting yourself when it comes to purchasing property. It means looking into the property, both physically and contractually to ensure that everything is in order so you minimise the potential rise of problems in the future. Building Compliance and Land Development have the experience and knowledge necessary to help at this stressful time.

Building Condition Assessment

Sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem and that is very true with property. If you are looking to buy then a building condition assessment can be the difference between a great buy and a not so good one. A building condition assessment can identify potential problems, check for historical damage, ensure water proofness or, even confirm that the property is everything you thought it was. Building Compliance and Land Development can work through the building condition assessment to give you peace of mind.

Project Management

A project manager takes the stress away from you and ensures that the building process is completed on time, within budget and to your satisfaction. We believe that project managers are an important part of any project and many underestimate the benefits they bring to the party. Project managers plan, organise and complete a project so that you don’t have to. You can keep doing what you do best while they make things happen. Building Compliance and Land Development can make your project happen.

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