Project Management – Subdivision

The referral came through our BNI chapter.
I got in touch with the owner as soon as I got the referral.
The owner said he wanted to add two dwellings on the rear of the property and asked me approximate costs as he had already obtained a quote.
After working out the figures and giving them to him, he said he would let me know soon.
After a few days, he asked me to look out for architects who would be cost-effective and who would give commitment in terms of time frames.
I got in touch with four architects, and finally, two came back to me with a quote.
I compared both the quotes and recommended one to the owner.

I advised the owner that it would be good to go and see him in person or have a zoom meeting as I felt it was important for the owner to meet the architect before deciding.

I am working as a project manager.

I shared the information from the property file and told the architect that we would like to maximise the potential of the land and would like to have two attached dwellings on site.

The project is on track now as per our schedule.

There are 5 phases involved.
Initiation – Identifying stakeholders.
Planning – Defining the work requirement, quality of work, amount of work, and resources required.
Execution – Manage by stages.
Monitoring & Control – Tracking of a project process.
Project Closure – Complete documentation of the project including obtaining 224C for the subdivision and code compliance certificates for the new builds.

I aim to achieve the best outcome for my client by ensuring that the cost, scope, time, quality, benefits, and risks are within the tolerance limits and project deliverables achieved.