Asset Condition Survey

The property owner had been to see a two-bedroom unit on a cross-lease property and wanted me to carry out an asset condition survey for the structure so that she could make an informed decision.
This request was an urgent one as I received it on Saturday, and she asked me whether I could be on-site by Monday.
I use a cloud-based system named iAuditor to capture the data on-site as it is very accurate and saves a lot of time for my clients and me.
I asked her to forward me the LIM report and all the information about the property she had with her.
I also advised her to obtain the property file so that I could verify the footprint.

After carrying out the desktop study, I created a customised template to go and carry out the inspection.

The survey’s primary purpose was to attend the site, carry out visual-only inspection, and provide a report containing my expert opinion on the structure’s condition.
The survey took me over a couple of hours as we wanted to understand various structural elements.
After carrying out the survey, I rushed back and started to complete my report writing as my client wanted to decide as they wished to present an offer.
A few minor things needed to be fixed, and the costs to fix those components were minimal.
The client was pretty impressed as my turnaround time was quick, and the report answered most of their queries about the structure.
I feel it was a good outcome,  and after that, she referred people she knew regularly.